“But we already have yoga?!”

When I tell friends and family about my business they often tell me: ”My organisation is great in this sense, they even offer yoga sessions!”. Now, I think it is great that organisations stimulate something like yoga, I can imagine that it must be amazing, as an employee, to start your day like that.

But I do wonder, this is not the solution to problems like stress and burn-out on the working floor. ‘John’ did not suffer from burn-out symptoms because he did not have yoga at work. Yoga, as in this example, acts more like a bandage on a large bleed. Employees experience stress at work through something which is part of their daily work. This could be deadline pressure for example, or unclarity regarding position or tasks. The problem could also be regarding relations with colleagues or the work/home balance.

By ignoring these underlying issues, as an employer, the real cause of the burn-out will not go anywhere. By ignoring this, you also ignore the influence it might have on your other ‘healthy’ employees.

By focussing on the employee engagement instead of fighting the symptoms, you will be one step ahead. You will create a working environment where your employees can be healthy, satisfied and productive, without risking a burn-out. And when your employees are engaged, they will enjoy that yoga session even more!

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