Three tips for engaged employees

Start realising engaged employees today.

1. Listen! After a while we become blind for someone else’s work experience because we are so tight up in our own work experience. This causes us to listen selectively and manage our employees according to our own experiences. This is fatal for your employee engagement.

2. Invest in interpersonal relations. Time and time again, research shows that a good working atmosphere, fun colleagues, leadership and customers create the strongest engagement and loyalty. Keep your relationships strong, organise activities and show genuine interest in your employees.

3. Trust your employees. Micro managing, control or ‘funny’ remarks when someone is 5 minutes too late are killing your engagement. By genuinely trusting your employees, they will return this trust in the form or productivity and loyalty. But be careful, this does not mean that you can’t hold your employees responsible for their actions and mistakes. Communicate expectations and discuss it when these expectations aren’t met.

TIP: Ask an intern or new employee about their experience on the work floor. Because of their ‘clean slate’ they are better in listening to negative and positive comments about the work experience. This can offer crucial information in improving your employee engagement.

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