New eBook: Hybrid working

Together with Workwize, dr. Ruth Hekman launched an eBook on hybrid working titled: Hybrid Working: Principles and Challenges. This book offers theoretical information as well as practical support on how to develop a hybrid working strategy.

Three tips for engaged employees

Start realising engaged employees today. 1. Listen! After a while we become blind for someone else’s work experience because we are so tight up in our own work experience. This causes us to listen selectively and manage our employees according to our own experiences. This is fatal for your employee engagement.

Whitepaper: Hybride working, the approach

Working from home, whether hybrid or fully remote, has been integrated in the working life of many people. Nonetheless, this is only the beginning, as the ability to work from home is quickly becoming a crucial employment aspect when attracting talent.

Viable in NRC: Most employees are trustworthy. Trust them.

For the Dutch national newspaper NRC, Ruth Hekman wrote the article: Most employees are trustworthy. Trust them. This article was published in the NRC issue on the 20th of April, 2021 and online on The article is only available in Dutch. The article critiques the use of 'spying software' to check on employees who work from home. This software is inefficient, does not say much and creates distrust from the employees towards the employer. Most employees are trustworthy, trust them.

“But we already have yoga?!”

When I tell friends and family about my business they often tell me: ”My organisation is great in this sense, they even offer yoga sessions!”. Now, I think it is great that organisations stimulate something like yoga, I can imagine that it must be amazing, as an employee, to start your day like that.

What are the costs of an absent employee?

Help, an ill employee! Besides this being very unpleasant, it can have serious financial consequences. Dutch employee organisation ArboNed has calculated that one employee absent day is costing, on average, 250 euros. This is without calculating the lower productivity and the extra pressure on your other employees!